New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

Wow, what a ride!

Here’s to a year of fewer lockdowns and more freedoms. Less social distancing, and more social gatherings. Less time watching the daily updates and more time at the gym.

We’re coming out of another holiday season, carb-loaded from festive feasts and paying the consequences of a pandemic that kept us indoors. Losing our discipline however, does not have to be a permanent state. If you overindulged over the holiday season or while in lockdown, it’s time to get yourself back into gear. We’re here to help set you on a path to health with all of the supplements you need to boost your energy, nutrition and overall health. New years are new opportunities. They are a chance to get back on the horse, try something you haven’t done before in order to see different results.

Here are 5 tips to kick-start your fitness journey for 2022.


It can be easy to get caught up in the festivities and it’s fair to say we’ve all earned it, but it can make it hard to knuckle back down. Hitting your daily calories is important and using an app like MyFitnessPal is a great support to track your meals. Your protein intake is important to log too, it gives you the bolt of energy needed to perform intense workouts.  

To get started, we recommend Darkside - Ultra Pre Extreme for your pre-workout to get your energy pumping before a big workout and Darkside - Dark Whey for your post-workout fill-up. Fuelling your body effectively is the secret to seeing results. You can’t out-train a bad diet.


Make your workout an appointment, in the same way you would schedule a visit to the doctor. If it’s in your calendar, you’re less likely to cancel. If you work a 9-5, going to the gym at 6AM or 7PM can fit well into most people’s schedules.

If you plan ahead, you’re planning to succeed.


This is a non-negotiable.

We recommend using the bedtime function on your smartphones as you can have set times for both your bed-time and wake-up.

If you find it hard to relax or are full of adrenalin after a workout, you might need a supplement to help you wind down. Switch - Arsenal is our recommendation.


This one is quite simple. Drink 3L a day. Keeping a water bottle at your desk and refilling often helps keep this goal front of mind. Eating foods with high water content such as celery, cucumber, lettuce, watermelons and carrots will help with your daily water intake. If you find drinking water tedious, try adding some lemon or sliced fruit to give it a little flavour!


All fitness watches allow you to set daily movement goals and it is important that you constantly move throughout the day. Even going for a 10 minute walk during your lunch break at your desk job is enough to get the blood flowing. 8,000 - 10,000 steps a day is a great goal to set or even try walking to work if you live close enough. If you haven’t jumped onto the fitness watch bandwagon, most smart phones will track your steps too!

We hope you gained a little bit of inspiration and motivation to get back on the right track. Sometimes that’s all it takes. If you’re heading back into the gym, feel free to chat to us about your goals and we can offer a suitable supplement routine for you.