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It is almost time, our newest and most badass pre to hit the market yet! DARKSIDE ULTRA PRE is truly a pre-workout POWERHOUSE! Bringing out the darkness inside of you 1 scoop at a time. Featuring ingredients for all the major pre-workout effects including increased mental and physical energy, as well as enhanced performance, endurance, and muscle pumps.

ULTRA PRE packs a loaded formula with 14 different ingredients combining for a total of over 15g worth of actives. The heaviest part of the pre-workout is its blend of pump and absorption ingredients, although it does have just as much for the supplement’s other effects.

To start off, ULTRA PRE has 8g of citrulline malate, 2g glycerSIZE™ and 50mg S7™ Nitric oxide booster to get the most out of your muscles and increase blood flow to give you MASSIVE PUMPS!

Making up the other half of ULTRA PRE is all of its energy, focus, and performance enhancing ingredients. There is 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2g of betaine, 1g of choline, 250mg of the powerful STIMberry™, 150mg of elevATP™, 125mg of lasting energy TeaCrine™, 100mg of octopamine, and two sources of caffeine with 325mg of caffeine anhydrous and 100mg of Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

DARKSIDE SUPPS™ has not held back on this one, really loading up DARKSIDE ULTRA PRE with a strong variety of ingredients.